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Wrap It Right: Mastering Saree Draping Techniques

Saris have a role, in traditions representing sophistication, heritage and adaptability. These exquisite garments have been adored for ages standing the test of time and fashion trends. Lets delve into the rooted history and practical features of the saree and learn the art of wearing it 


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A Glimpse into the Rich Legacy of Saris

Sari sometimes spelled as 'sari' holds more than a clothing status; it mirrors the culture of India. Its origins date back thousands of years with importance in Indian customs. The six to nine yards of fabric in a saree symbolize not attire but elegance, respect and individuality.

Beyond its significance saris offer functionality. Their design enables mobility and comfort while exuding timeless charm. Whether for occasions or informal gatherings there is a saree for every event.

How to Drape a Saree: Detailed Step, by Step Instructions

Wrapping a saree can be deemed an art form on its own. While various regional draping styles exist we will concentrate on the Nivi style known for its popularity and versatility. Here's a guide, on how to drape a saree: 

Step 1: Getting Ready

Begin by wearing a fitted blouse and matching petticoat.

Start by tucking the end of the saree into the petticoat at your waist and wrapping it around once.

Ensure that the decorative end (pallu) is longer and falls over your shoulder.

Step 2: Creating Pleats

Fold the saree fabric neatly to form pleats making sure they all align in one direction.

Hold the pleats together. Secure them by tucking into the petticoat slightly left of your navel.

Step 3; Styling the Pallu

Drape the pallu over your shoulder allowing it to cascade gracefully.

You can fasten it with a pin. Leave it flowing freely based on your preference.

Upcoming Preview; Our Saree Collection

Exciting news from Muvvas Boutique. Introducing our range of sarees. Made from premium materials our collection offers both comfort and elegance. Whether you prefer styles or modern chic our sarees are ideal, for any event.

Perfecting the Art of Saree Draping

Wearing a saree goes beyond putting on clothes; it's a way to honor a cultural heritage.
Mastering the art of draping a saree can enhance your elegance and charm at any occasion, with some practice and the correct method.

Sarees are a wardrobe acquiring the skill to drape them is truly priceless. Keep an eye out for our range of sarees. Delve into the realm of Indian traditional attire, at Muvvas Boutique.


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