Twinning Tips: How to Perfectly Match Dresses With Your Little One

Twinning Tips: How to Perfectly Match Dresses With Your Little One

Are you looking for a way to make a casual day out with your little one even more exciting?

Why not try twinning in a matching mom & daughter dress?

Undeniably, it would be an incredible and memorable experience for you both, especially if you get it just right. And as with everything involving kids, that requires some thoughtful planning.

So without further ado, let us provide you with some tips on how to handle mother daughter dress matching perfectly.

1. Consider Comfort - For Both You and Your Child

First things first, when you are going out with your kid, the most important thing to consider is the comfort. To begin with, make sure you consider the season and curate your outfits accordingly.

For instance, you could always match your outfits to the current season. To elaborate, think floral prints for spring, nautical stripes for summer, and earthy tones for winter.

Once you have got the season down, then it's time to move on to the occasion. What event are you dressing for? Is it a casual day out or a special event? Needless to say, your outfits should always reflect the nature of the event. And crucially it should be comfortable for you mother too.

To give an example, if you are having a playdate for your child in a park, an overall might be a cute and practical outfit for your daughter. However, it might not be the best look for you on that particular day. At such times, you could compromise and opt for alternatives, such as a common color palette. More on this below.

2. Choose a Color Palette

If you are unable to find the same outfits, why not find common ground instead? For example, rather than choosing to wear an overall to twin with your daughter, you could also opt for jeans and a top in the same color.

We have several short tops in our collection that are casual and comfortable for a busy day out with your young one - so you are never short of options.

And the twinning clothes need not even be in the exact same color. If you’re wearing a blue dress, your child could wear a dress or shirt in a matching shade or a complementary color like yellow or white. The key is to get the whole picture right and a complementary color palette will do a fantastic job.

3. Add That Desi Touch

Of course, we Indians have to embrace our culture whenever we can. So, if you are looking forward to dressing up your little one in an Indian outfit, why not find a matching one for you too?


For instance, take a look at this beautiful mom and daughter dress matching outfit from our store. This kalankari matching set is vibrant yet comfortable enough for a family gathering or festivities. While you sport the anarkali look, your daughter will certainly shine in the pretty dress.


For those who prefer more of a Western touch, we also have dresses featuring florals, and in multiple colors. This organza matching set is one of our favorites, and perfect for you to try out in summer.

4. Find Fusion Wear

If you are looking for a unique Indian dress in USA, check out our Indo western fusion outfits. Our collection blends traditional elegance with contemporary style, ensuring you and your little one look fabulous no matter the occasion.


So, go ahead and explore the joy of twinning with your little one, celebrating your heritage with a modern twist with our best selling Indo western dresses.

5. Don’t Forget to Capture the Moment

Finally, when you have perfected your twinning outfits, it would be a shame if you don't capture them.

So, make sure you get your phone ready and take some candid shots of the sweetest moments. Play and laugh with your child, or even go for a playful twirl to get the perfect picture.

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