Chic Ways to Fuse Traditional Indian Short Tops in Western Fashion

Chic Ways to Fuse Traditional Indian Short Tops in Western Fashion

Indian clothes are often considered very traditional.

However, the truth is that Indian clothes are as versatile as they come.

In fact, there's so much room to get creative with traditional Indian outfits and pair them seamlessly with Western styles. But, are you clueless on where to begin?

If so, we have five tips for you on how you can come up with different outfits by mixing and matching Indian tops and Western clothes.

1. Pair With Jeans

Perhaps the most obvious and easiest way to westernize Indian tops for women is to throw on some jeans. This combo balances the vibrancy of Indian short tops with the casual, everyday style of denim.

The best thing is that Indian tops work with all types and colors of jeans. Whether you prefer straight, skinny, distressed, or flared, Indian short tops will go with all. For instance, imagine wearing this pink sleeveless top with straight jeans. Or try this green printed top with skinny jeans - it’s a great match.

Not only short tops, kurtas and anarkalis can work wonders with a pair of jeans. For instance, kurtas can be styled with bootcut or flared jeans to create a balanced silhouette. This can transform your desi look to a chic casual outfit, suitable for casual and semi-formal occasions.

And if you want to make more of a fashion statement, why not go for a choli with jeans.

Think something like high-waisted jeans with a cropped choli? Absolutely! It’s a bold, modern combo that would make heads turn wherever you go.

2. More the Layers, More the Fun

To be honest, jeans and Indian short tops has been in trend for a while now. So, why not try something rather new instead?

Layering Indian clothes with western pieces is a fantastic way to style your outfit. For example, a kurti or kameez worn under a tailored blazer can transition seamlessly from day to night. You could pull off this style for the office or even for a casual meeting with friends.

And when the winter hits, we often just pit a jumper on top of salwars. Instead, layer a  sleeveless or short-sleeved kurta over a turtleneck for a cozy and unique look. This will certainly give you more warmth without compromising your fashion sense.

But, what if you are wearing a choli or Indian shirts for women?

Pairing a choli with a long cardigan can tone down its formal look, making it suitable for more casual settings. Furthermore, the cardigan adds a layer of comfort while keeping the outfit chic.

3. Mix Indian Shirts with Skirts

The next suggestion we have for you is to try creating outfits with shirts and lehengas. You can find different kinds of Indian shirts for women in ethnic prints such as Kalankari, Dabu, Bandhani, Ajrak, and more.

Why not try wearing these with a pencil skirt or even a wrap around. Since shirts with Indian prints can be vibrant in colors, it might be best to use plain shades for the skirt. This way, the prints really stand out without being too overwhelming.

4. Play With Patterns

Don’t shy away from mixing traditional Indian patterns with Western prints. This can create an eclectic look that is truly unique. For instance, you could pair a floral kurti with striped pants or a striped skirt.

Alternatively, you can also try combining a paisley-printed choli with polka dot trousers or a skirt. These are just a few examples of how you can experiment with authentic Indian prints. When curated well, the contrast between the different patterns can create a visually appealing outfit.

5. Let Your Accessories Shine

Any boring outfit can be elevated instantly with the right accessories.

Are you feeling that your Indian short top doesn’t look right with the skirt? Is there something missing?

May be, all you need is a belt to complete the look. The belt will define your waist and create a more structured silhouette. This is especially useful for longer tops that might otherwise look too flowy.

Similarly, adding a choker or a drop earrings might transform your look. And if you cant find the right scarf for the outfit, a dupatta could save the day.

It is all about finding the right elements that will pull together your whole outfit, whether it is Indian, western or Indo western.

In the gist, if you're wondering how to style an Indian dress in the USA, you have plenty of options.

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