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Best Indian Clothing Websites

Best Indian Clothing Websites

Indian ethnic wear is no longer limited to India. People from across the globe are showing their interest in Indian clothes like Kurtis, lehengas, and even sarees. The intricate designs and colorful patterns help you make a statement in fashion.

The fashion world is gaining popularity over the internet. In India clothing websites that offer designer dresses for various occasions are common. However, shopping for Indian clothing online USA would be tedious. A clothing website should always provide an immersive experience to its customers. The buyers should be able to understand the size and quality of the product to confirm their purchase.

Here are some of the best Indian clothing websites you need to check out.

Indian clothing is known for its handmade embroidered designs, vibrant colors, and different patterns on the dress. The website needs to assure the customer about the fabric and stitch quality. Many online shopping sites for Indian clothing cater to fashion enthusiasts in the USA.

Here is a quick guide to some of the online Indian clothing stores.

  1. Muvvas Boutique

If you are looking for the best Indian clothing store in Los Angeles, Muvvas boutique is your one-stop shop. With a wide range of Indian ethnic wear for women, Muvvas boutique provides excellent customer service online. Their Indian Ethnic clothing website offers an immersive experience so that the customer can understand the quality of the fabric.

Here is what Muvvas Boutique has to offer:

  • Customize Your Clothing

The best part of Muvvas boutique is that we offer an option to stitch and design ladies’ dresses, adding a personal touch. Our website offers features like fast shipping and customization, which takes only 15-30 days.

  • Affordable Luxury

Our investment in our infrastructure makes it easy to sell our products at a reduced cost, making luxury affordable. We are committed to providing quality in our product with expert artisans who design and stitch the garments carefully.

  • Kurtas for All Occasions

Our wide range of kurtas comes in a variety of options. You can choose to add or remove sleeves altogether. The variety allows you to wear the kurtas on any occasion. They bring a sophisticated look and traditional elegance. The elegant sleeveless Chikankari Kurtas allow you to wear them at both casual and formal locations.

  • Elegance at its Best

Not forgetting the easy drape saree collection. Your hassle behind draping your saree is taken care of. Our pre-stitched sarees come in a variety of fabric and color options. The saree fabrics are kept lighter and breathable to ensure comfort and elegance for the wearer.

  • Flowing Frills

Our extensive range of Anarkali suits is crafted with intricate designs. The flared skirts ensure elegance and comfort for the wearer. These suits are ideal for occasions like festivals and weddings. The flared Anarkali suits made with Organza material add a rich look to the lightweight dress.

  1. Bombay Boutique

Bombay Boutique is a Chicago-based designer-wear store. It has roots in the family business, which has been based in Mumbai for 50 years and has been operating in Chicago for 13 years. Its unique designs are inspired by Bollywood. The store provides a wide range of clothing for men and women designed for every occasion. It also offers free shipping and 24/7 customer support.

  1. Designer Vastra

With a range of clothing, jewelry, and accessories, Designer Vastra has curated exclusive contemporary styles in every product. Their studio is located in Charlotte, NC, where the customers can get a look and feel of their products in person. They also take online orders and ship across the United States (prices may vary for Alaska and Hawaii). Designer Vastra also offers consultation at their studio, where you can get an idea of which design will suit you the most.

  1. Heritage India Fashion

Managed and owned by designer Prashant Goyal, the Indian wear business has been in the family for 2 generations. The brand operates in New York with expert tailors who source its fabrics from India. The artisans in India also do the embroidery work. They have an extensive range of Indian silhouettes and clothing. Heritage India Fashion deals in western, Indo-western, and completely Indian bridal garments.

  1. Silk Threads

Founded by a promising designer, Ruby Bhandari, to nurture her love for Indian clothing and Western elements, Silk Threads has become popular across the country. Their ethnic wear portrays the Indian heritage along with Western sensibilities. They provide an array of ethnic, bridal, and men’s collections.

The Bottomline

Indian ethnic wear is crafted with utmost detail. Here, the beauty lies in colors and fabrics. However, subtlety is sometimes essential, so we have introduced Western-influenced classic designs. With our range of pastel colors and minimal prints, you can choose what suits your style. Indian clothing is all about making a statement. Choose Muvvas boutique to find your unique style.

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